The new 2016 star animation movie, Zootopia, tells the story of Judy Hopps, an ambitious bunny, dreaming to be a great cup, and her adventures with a con artist fox, Nick Wilde.
Their joint journey while working together to uncover a conspiracy is taking place in a mammal metropolis named Zootopia. Judy Hopps quickly learns that it’s not going to be easy for a small bunny like her to fit together with all the big and tough officers of Zootopia’s police station. However, she is determined and doesn’t give in easily.
Their motivation and special friendship eventually win and Judy and Nick manage to solve the crime case and bring peace back to all citizens of Zootopia. The great success of this couple will continue since Nick joins ZPD as Judy’s partner and the first fox police officer.
As many other animation films, especially when its heroes are from the animal kingdom, it has a sarcastic ton and is filled with lots of good humor.
The movie became another great hit as many other Walt Disney creations, and was an immediate success in several countries (it was distributed as Zootropolis in some European countries).
Its theme-song by Shakira, who is also voicing one of the colorful characters, Gazelle, became very popular. The song’s main agenda describes the police officer heroin’s motto: Don’t give up, don’t give in!

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Shakira - Try Everything (Official Video)

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