DreamWorks‘ Oscar winning movie from 2001, Shrek is a computer animated adventure – comedy film that cleverly and humorously corresponds with traditional fairy tales while criticizing the impossible standards that are negotiated through them. Although children oriented, some of the jokes in the movie were clearly adult oriented.

He is an antihero who wants nothing more than being left alone in his swamp, but his life is turned upside down when other fairy tale characters are banished from Lord Fraquaad‘s realm and find refuge on his property. In his quest to become a king, the lord decides he will marry Princess Fiona, who is locked away in a tower and guarded by a dragon. Farquaad agrees to take back the fairy tale characters if Shrek delivers Princess Fiona to him, and the ogre along with his new friend Donkey accept the quest.

After the successful rescue, the reluctant hero and Fiona fall in love, and it is revealed that she turns into an ogre every night as a result of a curse, and only a true love’s kiss can save her. Separated after a misunderstanding he returns to his cave, but Donkey convinces him to stop the wedding and get his true love. Getting to the wedding just in time and confessing his true love, he kisses Princess Fiona after the sun sets while in green ogre form, which leaves her an ogre forever, but just as beautiful in Shrek‘s eyes.

The witty dialogue and the innovative moral of the movie are equally responsible for the huge popularity it enjoys, and reminding your children that bravery and honesty are more important than appearance and will be rewarded with true love is easier than ever when you buy them a Shrek doll.

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