Pluto- Disney’s character

Pluto‘s cartoon character was created by Walt Disney Productions in 1930. The officially mixed breed dog is Mickey Mouse’s companion, and appeared in 24 Mickey Mouse films before starring in his own series starting in 1937. One of the sensational sixDisney universe‘s biggest stars, the dog holds a unique stance in being the only one who does not have an outfit and (apart for a fleeting portion of his history) cannot speak. As a result of his inability to speak, the lion’s share of humor in Pluto‘s movies is physical, and his personality is expressed through animation such as facial expressions, barks and grunts, and occasionally through his shoulder angel/ devil.

Pluto’s Common Themes

This clever dog‘s narratives surround a few main themes, including the way he negotiates his jealously over Mickey Mouse’s new pets, accidentally swallowing something and his panic when realizing it, entanglement with an inanimate object or being pestered by a smaller animal. Most of the time, those actions cause Mickey Mouse’s anger, tough luckily it doesn’t last for long.

Pluto’s Merchandise

Being one of Disney’s Sensational six, Pluto‘s image is widely known and loved by many. Merchandise depicting Pluto includes an extensive variety of toys, pins, plush dolls, costumes, etc. His face has been printed vastly on shirts as well as hats, and could be found almost everywhere in the world, bringing with him his cheerfulness, his love of adventure and adorable charm to every crib, playroom and home.


Look for Pluto Dolls on Many Dolls

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