Jim Davis’s Garfield started as strip comics in 1978, and portrays the many adventures of the cat, along with his human “owner” Jon and his frenemy Odie the dog, Jon’s other pet. Some of the common themes are his obsessive eating habits and his precious lasagna, his laziness, his detestation of Mondays, and the never ending effort to get the innocent, somewhat stupid Odie into trouble. The strip was so popular that several animated specials and a couple of animated shows as well as movies were made and its merchandise earns $750 million – $1 billion annually.

The cartoon cat was born in Muncie, IN, where Jim Davies is from:

The orange tabby cat’s love of lasagna and pasta stem from his birth in an Italian restaurant’s kitchen, but he is in no way picky about his food. His obesity is widely discussed, as well as his bad nature, pessimism, cynicism and narcissism. Some of Garfield‘s favorite activities include kicking Odie off the table, destroying things and mocking Jon’s inaptitude with women. Jon Arbuckle is usually depicted as a goofy, geeky, man who tries to broaden his cat’s horizons by starting a philosophical debate or stating an interesting fact. Although his efforts are in vein, jon (like many other cat owners) loves his cat and tolerates his mean behavior. Being the complete opposite of Garfield, Odie is affectionate, naïve, and unaware of his fellow pet’s ill intentions towards him. Although he is usually considered unintelligent, he did read War and Peace and watched a TV show about Mozart when left alone in the house.

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