Dinosaurs have been a focus of wander and fascination for children and adults alike since the discovery of the first fossil in the early 19th century, and dominating the world between the Jurassic and the Cretaceous period. The vast variety of species and richness in size, functionality and behaviors allows a certain favorite for every enthusiast. Be it the vicious royal T-Rex carnivore or the huge, plant eating Giraffatitan, the winged Pterosaurs or the pack hunting Velociraptor, learning more about them is a contentious treasure hunt for details buried deep under the surface of the earth all over the world.

The popularity of dinosaurs resulted not only in huge skeleton reconstructions in museums, but also theme parks, books, movies and shows focused around them. Some of the most noticeable cultural references are King Kong, Godzila and Jurassic park, all spurring on the pursuit of more concrete information about those magnificent as well as strengthening the myths surrounding them.

A single dinosaur doll can be a window into this incredible richness of facts fueled imagination and start a collection of different species as well as an educational tool for intriguing facts and discussions about time frames, diversity and the wonder in our world.

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What's in the box: Jurassic Park toys! Dinosaurs, Action Figures, Vehicles!

One VERY BIG BOX with LOTS of toys inside! I bought these around the time Jurassic Park and the 2 sequels came out.
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Extra note: JURASSIC WORLD is getting closer and closer! I AM SO EXCITED to see all the new toys they make for that movie! I'm going to try to buy every one I see!

Jurassic Park Pachyrhinosaurus toy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw_F7gVombg

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This is not a "for sale" or "giveaway" video, this is just part of my collection that I want to keep and show.
Dinosaur toys for children , collectors , and fans of dinosaurs!
Detailed replica historical figures for play or display.
Prehistoric beasts, flying reptiles, hybrids and more!