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Free shipping Killer whales doll Killer whales plush toy whale plush toy export doll good quality Whales hold pillow


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The whale







T * * * a (anonymous)


Lovely! Do manual work is good, fluffy texture comfortable ~ is smaller than thought, than the actual ~ a long tail

August 6, 2015 19:01 color classification: black height: tail straight stretches approximately 38 cm (0) useful to ask questions


B * * * 1 (anonymous)


Although know when to buy smaller, but still really small, when received physical all can accept, and feels very comfortable, very cute. Seller send me the fish larvae, also is for whales eat? !!!!!!!!! Is looks not good…

On May 11, 2015, but the color classification: black height: tail straight length of about 38 cm (0) useful to ask questions


S * * * c (anonymous)


A bit bigger than imagination!! Like it! To send students! The owner also send a small hamster, super sprouting > <

In 2015 the euro




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